SoCal housing market shows signs of life, with a caveat: report

 · And I’m like, oh, that’s different. Another big shift that’s happened lately is, when the market was really hot, houses were selling before agents even did an open house. Now if you drive around on a Saturday or Sunday, there are open-house signs on every corner. In February, March, April of last year, that was not happening.”

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Ed Coghlan is a contributing editor and special correspondant for California Forward and the california economic summit, dealing with all matters related to California’s sputtering economy and how we as a state can get it back on track. He is a veteran of teleivision news at all levels and serves as.

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However, this is due to low launch of housing projects number in 2018,” Knight Frank’s report said. The residential market in Chennai shows signs of recoveries in both sales and launches of.

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 · Southern California is still in wonderland housing rehab but go ahead and jump into a Real Homes of Genius place at 600 square feet for $475,000. Your monthly payment will be approximately $4,000 since you can’t go stated-income-suicide-negative-amortization for 1% but hey, you’ll get one bedroom and one bath all to yourself.

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Every data source for California shows a dramatic increase in inventory, both for new construction and existing homes. That means home sales are tanking hard even as supply skyrockets. Some markets like San Jose have over a 100% increase in inventory from the year prior.