‘Release everyone’: Ocasio-Cortez says Paul Manafort’s solitary confinement is ‘government torture’

A British student has been freed from prison in the United Arab Emirates after a three-year battle for his release. Ahmad Zeidan. When he complained, he was beaten again, then put in solitary.

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This was a woman who had suffered torture, solitary confinement, constant surveillance and harassment – but who, in the years before her husband’s release, used thugs. negotiations with the.

Everyone who is disturbed by the barbaric facts in the report, which is the best and most comprehensive evidence so far of torture under the CIA and the Bush administration, needs to press forward. It.

06/05/2019 ‘Release everyone’ Ocasio-Cortez says Paul Manafort’s solitary confinement is ‘government torture’ 06/05/2019 battletech urban Warfare Release Trailer 06/05/2019 Everything We Know About Star Wars episode 9 06/05/2019 Everything You Need to Know About the sega genesis mini

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday reiterated her stance that solitary confinement is a violation of human rights and "government torture" and called for all people-including President Donald.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Paul Manafort is being sent to solitary confinement in my district – Rikers Island.. but does not necessarily exclude solitary. If he is in fact not being held in solitary, great. Release everyone else from it too. 711 replies 917 retweets 11,931 likes. Reply.

Trump says Mueller ‘made a fool out of himself,’ and definitely makes a fool out of himself. Voicemail from Trump attorney reveals possible obstruction of justice: CNN. Trump calls nancy pelosi ‘nasty, vindictive, horrible person,’ after prison remark.

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That’s what solitary confinement is," Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet. "Manafort should be released, along with all people being held in solitary." Paul Manafort is being sent to solitary confinement in my district – Rikers Island. A prison sentence is not a license for gov torture and human rights violations.

Calling solitary confinement ‘government torture,’ Ocasio-Cortez Says ‘Release Everyone’ In tweet commenting on upcoming "protective custody" of Paul Manafort, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says prison sentences don’t provide license to commit "human rights violations" Read more: Views DHS Is Locking Immigrants in Solitary Confinement

But there is the dark side of the agency, a covert branch which has engaged in deception, intrigue, torture and assassinations. and particularly solitary confinement, is to deprive the subject of.