Does your pension fund need some ‘rocket fuel’?

What you have in the plan when you retire is your pension. Depending on how the stock and bond markets affect pension fund investments over the years, your defined benefit pension fund might be overfunded or underfunded, but these plans promise a specific pension income.

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This works reasonably well for pension funds and insurance companies. the problem is that your money is guaranteed to grow around the rate of inflation, and no more. To achieve your goals, you must.

Does your pension fund need some rocket fuel’? "If you choose to save part of your pension, those savings will be means-tested in the. Claiming exemption for the house rent allowance (HRA) by paying rent to the spouse has been a contentious issue.

Known in the pensions industry as "rocket fuel" for your pension fund, additional voluntary contributions (avcs) allow you to beef up your retirement fund by maximising the tax relief you’re.

In May, it said it was running out of funds. to a pension counseling and information project. But here’s the catch: Only 30 states have this limited grant. If you reside in one of the other 20.

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Does your pension fund need some ‘rocket fuel’?. Ethical investing: How to fund your pension while staying true to your values. In the market for a low-price high-spec used car? Buy before.

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in mind, obtain a value of your current pension fund(s) and then calculate how much more additional funding you need to achieve your target. You can then use the factors of compound interest to determine the monthly (or annual) contributions that are needed in order to secure the "top-up" required. Pensions: it’s not rocket science!

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4 Ways to Take Your Pension Money: Which Should You Choose?. leaving them without sufficient funds later in retirement.. then you’ll be getting some form of annuity instead. An annuity is a.