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Kid definition is – a young person; especially : child -often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experienced.. rather than goatish, for more than three hundred years now. The Oxford English Dictionary notes that although this word was considered "low slang.

In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one valuable thing for another. quid pro quo has the same meaning in the law but with varying implications in different contexts. Quid pro quo, or the exchange of valuable consideration, is required for the formation of a valid contract between individuals who are not merchants.

Break even definition and meaning | collins english dictionary After last year’s loss, he hopes to break even next year and post profits after that.The company, which has never made a profit, has predicted it could break even Business – determining your break-even point – entrepreneur Follow these five steps for figuring out your break-even.

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Contribution definition, the act of contributing. See more.

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