What To Know About Doctor Loans For Buying A House

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Buying the nicest house in the neighborhood at the top of the market means you could end up like the doctor from our horror story: 0,000 underwater on a house you can’t get rid of. Think of buying a house like buying a pair of shoes, Utley says. "You know what my shoe has in common with a house?

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Using a physician loan to buy a house I wanted to ask the group about a particular situation involving a mortgage through a program that Suntrust offers (as do some other banks) which allows new physicians (residents) to purchase a home through a "Physician Loan."

 · ”Important financial milestones like buying a house feel out of reach without some sort of help,” he pointed out. However, there’s help available for doctors. Physician mortgage loans can offer a path to homeownership, even as you work to repay your six-figure medical school debt. What are physician mortgage loans?

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How Much House Can I Afford? One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from potential homebuyers is "How much home can I afford?". Many physicians, to include $55K per year residents or $400K per year anesthesiologists, truly do not know what that number is.

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Doctor Loan Pros and Cons. Buying a home is exciting. But signing your life away on a 30-year mortgage can be a bit terrifying. Before you commit to a doctor mortgage loan, make sure you weigh the pros and cons, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

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I needed a doctor loan, or a physician mortgage loan, specifically. The Doctor Loan: My Experiences Buying and Building with Physician Mortgage Loans . Having taken out all the subsidized loans I qualified for as a medical student, I ended up with a little bit of money leftover, knowing I might need some down payment money, eventually.

This restriction does not apply to SunTrust Mortgage to suntrust mortgage doctor loan refinances. What you’ll need to consider: In some states, the Doctor Loan product requires a pre-existing depository relationship and is not available for properties located in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii and Oregon, please consult your loan officer for details.