The lasting impact of crippling student debt

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At the same time, we’re only just beginning to understand the lasting effects of student debt. Because the typical life of a student loan is 10 years, conventional wisdom has long held that.

student loan debt is different from other types of debt. A consumer who can’t afford to make car payments can return the car to the dealership. Similarly, a homeowner can hand the keys back to.

And experts like Kantrowitz point out that for borrowers who owe a balance at or below the average debt load for last year’s graduates, the impact can be much less severe. A student with the average $35,000 balance and a 10-year term, for example, would pay about $410, which is roughly the price of a car payment-not the crippling four.

There’s no question that some financial support for adult children may be necessary given today’s hefty student loan burdens.

Nearly nine in 10 borrowers are struggling to make student loan. impact startup Summer and the nonprofit organization student Debt Crisis.

Entrepreneur Dusty Wunderlich exposes the catastrophic consequences of the student loan crisis using simple economics and explains how an oversupply of highl.

The average U.S. household with credit card debt has balances totaling ,748, and the average household with any kind of debt owes $134,643, according to a 2016 Nerdwallet study. Conversely, 72% of Americans said they felt stressed about money, according to an American Psychological Association study.

Growing student loan debt is “changing the culture of America,” says one expert, and it impacts the economic choices we make all the way through. their citizens without inflicting this long-term debt burden on young people.

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The amount of student loan debt has skyrocketed in recent years to a total of $867 billion last year – or more than the $704 billion in outstanding U.S. credit card debt, according to the.