Strong appetite, higher prices for U.S. hurricane cat bonds evident in 2019 –

This study measures liquidity in the catastrophe (CAT) bond market and the liquidity premium embedded in CAT bond spreads. The empirical results show that time to maturity, yield volatility, and yield dispersion from the primary market are the three most effective liquidity proxies. Given these three proxies, the average estimated liquidity premium in the CAT bond market is 67.57bps.

Chapter 11: Hurricanes. intense centers of low pressure form over tropical/subtropical oceans -intense convective activity (thunderstorms) -strong cyclonic circulation winds (74+ mph sustained) **lack contrasting air masses & fronts and INSTEAD large quantities of latent heat during formation of cumulonimbus towers source hurricane’s energy closely.

Mark Grant, Hilltop Securities chief strategist, provides a first-hand account of the difficulty of evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma, and how the enormous cost of recovery after Hurricane Harvey.

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House prices have soared by record levels this month, adding to fears of a fresh property bubble. Booming demand, the Government’s Help to Buy scheme and a lack of available properties have helped.

Catastrophe bonds are the most successful alternative risk transfer tools in transferring catastrophic insurance risk to capital markets. This research provides empirical insights about the predictive power of catastrophe bond spreads in forecasting catastrophe arrival frequency as a test of the catastrophe bond market’s price discovery efficacy.

In addition to the question of how CAT bond premiums react to natural catastrophes and financial crises, it is challenging to determine how to accurately price CAT bonds because CAT bonds are not standardized. The determination of accurate prices is an important condition for the successful trading of securities.

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The combination of rising home prices and falling. borrowers. "The U.S. economy is increasingly dependent on an over-leveraged consumer. It’s like on some ways like in 2008," O’Neill says.

Cat Bond 101 The catastrophe bond or cat bond is a fixed income security that pays periodic coupons to the investor during the life of the bond and insures the sponsor of the bond against a pre-defined set of natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. If a covered event occurs during the bond’s life, the

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