Small rise in WA’s unemployment rate as 4000 jobs lost

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Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs) yesterday revealed the unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.7 per cent, up from 5.6 percent last month. Despite this there was some good news with the Bureau’s results indicating that 39,300 full time jobs were created in November, with only 200 part time jobs lost.

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In addition, the original 100-job gain in May was revised upward to 2,000 new jobs. Minnesota’s unemployment rate in June was 3.3 percent, the same as the month before and below the U.S. rate of.

The owner of a small business talks a retired friend into taking a job at his business. Due to this, the labor force participation rate _____, and the unemployment rate _____. A) increases; does not change

OTTAWA — Canada’s economy posted a slight decline in employment in June, a month that still saw the jobless rate stay near its four-decade low and wages rise to their highest level in over a year..

The U.S. unemployment rate fell sharply in January to 9.7 percent from December’s 10 percent, but employers shed 20,000 jobs, the Labor Department announced Friday in a report that confounded analysts. January’s jobs report showed a continuing trend of improvement in hiring, but the data conflicted.

85,000 Jobs Lost In December. WASHINGTON – Brace for a year of stubbornly high unemployment. Gripped by uncertainty over the economic recovery, employers chopped85,000 jobs last month, and difficulty finding work helped chase morethan half a million people out of the job market.

News > Business > Business News Brexit recession ‘could increase unemployment rate to equivalent of 500,000 lost jobs’ Credit Suisse published the warning in a gloomy note title ‘Mayday!

As expected, February’s reportedly small number of jobs gained was followed by a sizable rebound in March. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy added 196,000 jobs in March, sharply higher than February’s revised figure of 33,000 jobs. The unemployment rate remained at 3.8%.

Last month’s modest job gain followed a much healthier increase of 224,000 in April. The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate remained at a nearly. the pool of unemployed is.

The national unemployment rate is 8.2 percent, almost a percentage point below the state’s rate. The sectors that lost the most jobs in March included professional services and construction, which.