Recession ahead? Yes, but probably not soon

So the RBA has cut rates: What next? – commonwealth bank chief economist Michael Blythe has added to the bank. CommBank was amongst the many banks who cut rates following the RBA’s May rate cut. finder only provides general advice and.

China has apparently stopped negotiating with Trump, indicating they’re not likely to make the concessions he demands any.

Near term, that money you are saving for a down payment should be in a high-yield savings account. not stocks or even bonds. There is just too much risk (that is probably not being priced in the markets). If you are looking to use any monies in two years or less, it should be stored in a much more liquid, stable asset.

So Should You Buy (or Keep Buying)? I think mostly, yes. First of all, a new recession won’t be driven by an overheated housing market. As much as the chart above looks like a bubble, it’s a supply issue, not loosey-goosey bank lending (it’s essentially the inverse of housing starts).

Business leaders, for example, usually base their concerns on hard data.not on whether the word recession is. Bond.

And yes Australia will probably have a recession again – but not any time soon. So to help you understand what a recession is, what’s likely to be ahead for our economy and what a recession could mean for our property markets I had a chat with Australia’s leading housing economist – Dr. Andrew Wilson, chief economist for MyHousingMarket.

Recession Ahead for U.S. Economy; These Two Indicators Say Yes By Michael Lombardi, MBA Published : June 17, 2015 Some very interesting news (or should I say warnings) to share with my readers.

Whatcom million-dollar home sales are booming, but who’s buying and how do they pay? What loan seekers need to know about FMBN and NMRC – Businessday NG The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), has made a total collection of N9.5billion under the National housing fund (nhf), and disbursed the sum of N1.12billion to 150 beneficiaries for the.Much rests on which side better defines Palin to voters. If McCain and his surrogates are able to sell Palin as a change agent who will help McCain redefine the Republican brand. If, on the other hand.

Yep. Over the last few days/weeks, there have been some startling leading indicators that we might witness a global recession sometime soon. An unlikely culmination of multiple factors is leading to this. * US-China trade war * India’s GDP slowdow.

"For most people, the effect of a recession is fear, not an actual loss. "Believing M&A will dry up soon, I am shifting toward more bankruptcy and restructuring. Probably not, for two reasons.. Yes, the Fed still sets up the rules of the game, they set the nominal gdp target and they do the printing of the mone..

If a recession does hit, it’s probably not ideal to have a president who’s declined to lie about it.. The problem they have is that the economy is way too strong and we will soon be winning.

These three things are all true: The United States almost certainly isn’t in a recession right now. so companies do not.