Plan your future | Your goals may be closer than you think

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Moving is a logistical and financial challenge, but you can mitigate some of the stress and expense. “Having a plan is always key,” says Lacey Langford, an accredited financial counselor. “Think.

Talking about money early, as a way to plan your future together, can be a bonding exercise rather than something that tears you apart. You don’t have to be financial soul mates or match up perfectly with your partner’s financial goals but you do need to know where you both stand.

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If you want to improve your personal relationships, you may want to start by calling or e-mailing one or two people you want to re-establish contact with or be closer to. If one of your goals is to get a job, start by evaluating your skills and looking at whether volunteering would be a good way to get back into the workforce.

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Is your future image closer than it appears in your mind? Yes, you have your Dreams Goals and talents ready for the future but What if the future is getting closer than you think? What if your God given talents, Dreams or Goal’s are actually appearing NOW! Right now! Are you ready or will you make another excuse, decision or completely chase.

Your goals and circumstances may change over time, but it’s easier to adjust your plan to accommodate those changes than it is to succeed when you don’t know what you’re working to accomplish. And with any financial goal, the sooner you start saving and investing for it, the easier it may be to amass the amount you’ll need to realize it.

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In Step 1, you identified some goals that you want to achieve in the future. Now you’ll need to dust off that crystal ball and try to figure out how much you’ll need to have saved to accomplish all you want to do. This is not an exact science, but estimating and planning will get you closer than wishing and hoping.