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THE demand for equity release is likely to continue as debt among older Britons continues to rise inexorably. Credit card debt has hit a six-year high, according to new figures from equity release provider aviva, while overdrafts are also spiralling. Among the over-55s, credit card debt has hit a post credit-crunch peak of 1,052,

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Equity release market to grow by 28% in 2017. Going forward, Key expects the number of new plans to increase by19% to 33,000 at a value of 2.75 billion – an annual rise of 28%. These figures do not include interest-only mortgage maturities which potentially could increase the market even further. On average, retired homeowner accessed 77,877.

According to latest figures from the Equity Release Council, as of August 2018, 139 product options were available to consumers – more than double the number in 2016, and up from 24 in 2007.

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A further 14 per cent pay off credit cards, loans and other forms of debt. It comes as figures from the Equity Release Council revealed the number of retirees aged 75 to 84 taking out equity.

The new equity release figures suggest rising numbers of retirees are opting to spend the wealth accumulated in their homes. While inflation at close to 3 per cent is driving up the cost of living and annuity incomes remain squeezed by rock bottom interest rates, house prices continued to rise in August, adding more than 1,000 in just a month.

Equity release activity became frenzied in the later months of last year, with both equity withdrawn by remortgaging properties and total equity release lending levels reaching dizzying heights. According to figures released today by Legal Marketing Services (LMS), a total of £837m was extracted from properties through remortgaging in December.