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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a sweeping package of rent regulation laws on Friday. The Democratic-led state Senate passed the measure by a 36-26 vote, which subsequently cleared the Democratic-run Assembly 95-42. This signals a seismic shift not only in the relationship between tenants and landlords, but also in the power balance of Albany.

The bill would set an unprecedented state standard for residential zoning codes in certain corners of California. Currently, it is illegal to build anything but single dwellings designed for single.

"Consistent with these findings, we find that rent control led to a 15 percentage point decline in the number of renters living in treated buildings and a 25 percentage point reduction in the number of renters living in rent-controlled units, relative to 1994 levels.

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YES. Key components of property management (renting and leasing) are considered a real estate activity under existing Florida real estate licensing laws. A property manager needs broker license if he or she is paid by commission, and is handling rentals and leases for others. No license is required for managing personally owned properties.

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Law to regulate rental units in the offing : The Standard Plan to regulate common rental units in the offingPlan to regulate common rental units in the offing. The objective of the Bill is to provide for the division of buildings into units to be owned by individual proprietors and common property to be owned by proprietors of the units as tenants.

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Oahu property owners who illegally use their units as short-term vacation rentals could face fines of up to $10,000 a day under a bill passed unanimously by the Honolulu City Council in a packed.

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Residential Rental Units . Licensing By-law . CP-19 – Consolidated June 25, 2013 . As Amended by . By-law No. Date Passed at Council CP-19-11001 August 30, 2011 CP-19-13002 June 25, 2013. This by-law is printed under and by authority . of the Council of the City of London, Ontario, Canada . Disclaimer:

More regulation may be in the offing. The day before the parliamentary vote Google was at the European Court of Justice, in Luxembourg, to do legal battle with the CNIL, France’s data-protection.