Jared Kushner Doesn’t Care How Stupid He Sounds

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Conway already occupied a unique place as the only political operative in Trump’s innermost circle – along with her, Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart chief; Jared Kushner. She’s Donald Trump’s.

Jared Kushner ‘admitted Donald Trump lies to his base because he thinks they’re stupid’ Trump’s son-in-law said ‘He just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it,’ according to former New.

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He sits in bed, phoning friends and acquaintances, grousing about his job, his staff, and the media. He doesn’t listen to aides. Those he knew best-his children and his son-in-law, Jared.

Kushner Tells Palestinians They’re "Hysterical and Stupid". he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it comes to the situation in Baltimore, and that he should address the matter.

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Trump makes it sound as if he forced Mexico and Canada to come groveling to us, when in reality, his own staff, including Jared Kushner. sure the people have health care, as bad as Obamacare is. 14.

The sad point behind this debacle is this: Jared Kushner doesn’t care if he sounds like three geese trying to honk the Messiah. He doesn’t care that he’s supposed to be doing all these important jobs and clearly doesn’t know any more about the Middle East than he knows about the sacrificial rituals of the Aztecs.

Trump is a criminal: Feeling: Happy 2019-07-24: I finished reading Notes From a Small Island and added a page for the NES Jeopardy! games.. Though he isn’t allowed to actually say a president committed a crime, Robert Mueller explained that his report most certainly did -not- exonerate Trump.In fact, he does one better by stating clearly that Trump asked the FBI to falsify records.

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Jared Kushner Doesn’t Care How Stupid He Sounds Esquire Trump Says He Almost Talked to Prince Harry About ‘Nasty’ Meghan Markle Comment – Which He’s Now Explaining

Among them: Robert Mueller’s investigators drew up an obstruction-of-justice charge against the president before discarding it (the Mueller team issued a rare denial), Jared Kushner. along and said.

Donald and Ivanka Trump discuss their new DC hotel and the 2016 presidential race – duration: 2:54. nicholas ballasy 46,136 views

Kushner should go back to not giving interviews or speaking in public. That way, people will only suspect that he’s an idiot.