Is The Oil Glut Coming Back? |

But also, with the bulk of a given shale well’s lifetime production coming. oil prices up on speculation that supply reductions will soon relieve the oil glut. But a double dip cannot be ruled out.

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The oil glut will force a slower ramping up of Iran's oil fields and exports. “In many respects, this could not come at a worse time for Iran, because oil is at 11- year lows and the. The Iranian's hinted that they might hold back.

A glut of stored oil that helped keep prices low for years is almost gone, thanks to production cuts by OPEC and Russia, a humming global economy and a series of small but meaningful supply disruptions.

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Plummeting oil prices have had many effects – one of which is that it may be cheaper for ships to travel right around Africa than go through the Suez Canal. One of the big factors here, explains Bockmann, is the low price of oil. This means that "bunker fuel" – the thick, heavy fuel the ships themselves run.

Given that supply glut, how could oil futures prices be at $50 after falling below $30? One answer is that the futures market assesses future Disclosure: This contributor does not own any stocks mentioned in this article. This article is the opinion of the contributor themselves. The above is a.

The severity of the oil price drop appears to be in disconnect from some "supply glut" indicators that remain at moderate levels. The price decline does not appear to be caused by an inventory pile up throughout the delivery and storage chain but rather by the lack of supply or demand elasticity.