If you have overseas investments (New Zealand tax residents with overseas interests)

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If you hold investments in the UK and other overseas countries, the Transitional Resident rules can result in significant tax savings in your first four years in New Zealand. For more information, see here .

"Sell your home before you leave Australia or after you have returned to keep your principal place of residence CGT exemption." australian citizen anne cooke, 40, who moved to New Zealand recently for work, is now worried what these changes mean for her.

If you’re a tax resident in New Zealand and another country or territory, or you earn foreign sourced income, you’re subject to the tax laws of each. If both of those countries or territories tax their residents on worldwide income, or withhold tax on income earned, you could be taxed twice on the same income.

You became a tax resident in New Zealand on or after 1 April 2006, and you must not have been a New Zealand tax resident at any time in the past 10 years prior to your arrival date in New Zealand. This is a once in a lifetime exemption, you cannot extend your tax exemption or renew it after its expiry date.

Not everyone in New Zealand needs to put in a personal tax return, but it is up to you to find out if you need to. If you have overseas income, or arrived part way through a tax year, you are required to file a return. The tax year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

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I live in New Zealand and have a temporary work visa. Do I need consent? As the holder of a temporary work visa you cannot be ordinarily resident in New Zealand and you are an overseas person for the purposes of the overseas investment act 2005. However, if you can demonstrate your intention to reside to New Zealand indefinitely, then you may.

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