Got a deposit? There’s a deal for you

The best strategy for the consumer is to avoid giving a significant deposit until after all contract terms have been disclosed and a final purchase decision has been made. Or, if a deposit is paid, consumers should insist that the dealership agree in writing that the deposit will be refunded if the deal is not finalized..

There's a big obstacle standing between you and your mortgage if. Actually, if you have a job with direct deposit, then take whatever “gift”.

When it comes to filing a federal tax return, there are a few questions that people.. In almost all cases a direct deposit will get you your tax refund more quickly.

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Relist car and sell to someone else. If you got a bunch of calls, you know you can get more than 1250$. Keep 100$ from the deposit, and next time make sure to tell the people leaving a deposit that you’re keeping all of it if they don’t end up buying the car.

I did some digging around for you, and I thought this was illegal in MA, since I have backed out 2 deals before, and got my deposits back both times, anyway, here is some info: Deposits In Dealer Sales You may be asked to leave a deposit to hold a car, even before you have agreed on all the details or your financing has been approved.

Banks Have Tough Rules on Check Deposits Written to More Than One Person. these check deposits and how you can deal with. a joint account because there’s no other way to deal with this.

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You pay a binding deposit when you promise to buy the car. You might do this, for example, if the car you want is on back order or if you’re waiting to hear back from your bank about financing. With a binding deposit, the car dealership will keep your money if you decide not to buy the car.