For residents already burdened by housing costs, utility bills can be a budget-buster

Commercial facility wastewater bills are calculated based on flows and loadings. The flows are generally based on potable water meter consumption (SP), but in certain circumstances may be based on an estimated effluent discharge (EF) to the sewer for a particular entity.

Charities that help with housing costs. housing costs are typically one of the largest monthly expenses on the budget. If you’re having trouble paying that bill when the first of the month rolls around, or if you’re searching for a safe and affordable home, these charities want to help.. Government help with utility bills. It can be easy.

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Weatherization improvements such as sealing leaky air ducts, adding insulation and replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems can provide a long-term fix for a high energy burden since they take care of the home inefficiencies that cause high utility bills in the first place.

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Many states (at least 26) deny liheap eligibility to subsidized housing residents whose energy costs are included in their rent. Several others allow eligibility to these households if the tenants’ rental costs are not a fixed low percentage of their income and/or are greater than 30 percent of their income.

Of the 38.6 million households who are eligible for federal heating assistance, 79 percent pay utility bills themselves in rented units, not their landlords-thus few landlords have an incentive to upgrade to energy-efficient heating or cooling systems, or other sources of fuel cost. 14 This creates a significant principal-agent problem and dysfunctionality between housing and energy policy for low-income.

The Challenge: High Energy Costs. With a median household income of $46,334, this equates to 8% of a residents’ annual income. This is nearly three times the national average of 2.7% in 2012. In rural communities where median household income tends to be much lower, averaging $22,000, energy expenditures as a percentage of household income can be 17%.

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Subsidized and Rental Household Eligibility and Benefits. Benefits Households where ‘the heat is included in the rent’ are deemed by state statute and by department rules to "make undesignated payment for energy for heat in the form of rent.". These households are deemed to have the lowest energy burden, regardless of income, and are granted the lowest LIHEAP heating assistance benefit of $21.

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