Equity release sector is ‘in deep trouble’

Yet detractors argue the program is inefficient at best and a giveaway to deep-pocketed developers at worst. They sell the.

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Make a date in your diary for 8pm Tuesday, 7 August, for the BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘The Equity Release Trap’. The documentary investigates the claims of Professor Kevin Dowd, professor of finance and economics at the University of Durham, that the equity release sector has been seriously under-valuing embedded guarantees, and that the regulator, [.]

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Equity release sector is ‘in deep trouble’. The Adam Smith Institute says that the prudential regulation authority, which regulates banks and insurers, knowingly allowed equity release firms to use "unfit" valuation methods that could lead to large losses for shareholders of insurers if house prices fall. In a report,

Simply has now recruited over 85 of the best people in the industry and attracted more than 2500 customers across a variety sectors including manufacturing, construction, transport and recycling. We are majority-owned by a Cabot Square Capital fund. In addition, nurturing young people is something we do as standard.

HOMEOWNERS who have turned to equity release to raise much-needed cash in their final years may have been shocked by last week’s warning that a "major scandal" is brewing in the sector. It is a lifeline for many retired homeowners struggling with low incomes or high debts. The market is heavily regulated by the financial conduct authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which has boosted customer confidence and driven rapid growth.

About The Equity Release Report Maxlyte Financial is run by Peter Maxwell-Lyte. The business specialises in helping individuals with specialist financial plans, with a particular emphasis around Later Life planning. The planning support provided by Maxlyte Financial revolves around a broader base than the more traditional money-oriented view that has been such a dominant factor [.]

Equity release. Thus equity release is particularly useful for elderly persons who do not intend or are not able to leave a large estate for their heirs when they die. The reverse mortgage is a form of equity release that is available in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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