David Cay Johnston: State’s job growth defies predictions after tax increases

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David Cay Johnston, according to his public resume, is "an investigative journalist and author, a specialist in economics and tax issues", just like any other holder of a high school diploma. His Pulitzer prize means nothing in terms of real education and experience. I have awards myself, but I don’t try to make a living by exploiting them.

Well, David Cay Johnston tells us that job growth remains fast despite predictions of doom from tax hikes. I found myself wondering, however, whether this was just bounceback from an especially severe slump – after all, California was a major housing bubble state, suffered for it, and you would expect a period of relatively fast growth.

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David Cay Johnston, writing in Tax Notes, has focused on a tax giveaway that most of us have missed-a provision that permits partnerships that own pipelines to charge consumers for a tax that they don’t actually pay, resulting in considerable profits for the partners of the partnerships with little or no accompanying tax liability.

Dire predictions about jobs being destroyed spread across California in 2012 as voters debated whether to enact the sales and, for those near the top of the income ladder, stiff income tax.

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The Tax Reform Act of 1986 (TRA) was passed by the 99th United States Congress and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on October 22, 1986. The act was designed to simplify the federal income tax code and broaden the tax base by eliminating many tax deductions and tax shelters .

"These.national political veterans bring tremendous experience in the presidential campaign arena and from a state with a long history of running caucuses at this level," said state party chairman.

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Health Care costs increases have slowed to 8.5 percent, their lowest level of growth in three years. A new study from the Center for Studying Health System Change found that overall spending is down because higher co-payments and deductibles often result in people choosing not to seek care.

"[Obama’s] energy should have been focused on fixing the economy and creating jobs and to succeeding in our fight against radical violent jihad," said Romney. "Instead, he applied his time and.