Buyers, sellers both have options when inspection finds problems

Be conservative in both cases. Even when buying an "as is" property, make sure you have the right to break the deal if an inspection — which you should insist on — turns up a problem you don’t.

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Many real estate transactions can fall apart right after the home inspection. This can be due to the fact that most buyers will want the seller to fix all or most of the repairs found on the.

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A seller’s disclosure form is NOT a substitute for a home inspection. Remember, sellers are required to disclosure only problems they know about. “Most homeowners don’t go in their attic very often,

Fixing Home Inspection Issues When Home Buying. If the buyer discovers problems with the home after the closing or settlement, depending on the state and the seller disclosure law, the buyer might have the opportunity to sue the seller for damages and recover attorneys’ fees incurred by the buyer.

What Buyers and Sellers Need to Understand About Home Inspections Home inspections are a vital part of the real estate transaction process, so it makes sense to learn as much as you can about them. The more you know about what they entail, and more importantly, how they affect you as a buyer or seller, the more confident, you will be moving forward with your transaction.

Do Most Sellers Make Repairs After a Home Inspection? Purchasing a home is a long and arduous process, especially for first-time buyers. It can feel like a roller coaster from the moment you hire a real estate agent to the moment you get the keys.

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Both parties may agree to a price reduction in lieu of needed repairs or a repair credit at closing to the buyer, rather than the seller doing repairs. Discuss this option with your agent. This can be a good option for both parties but know that many lenders will not allow repair credits on the HUD. Because the home inspection is the biggest.