Banks shed €30bn in ‘sour’ loans

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The eurozone’s top banks shed about 30 billion of unrepaid loans in the three months to September, in a new sign that European Central Bank pressure to clean up their balance sheets is.

A former Deutsche Bank FX trader, Andrew Donaldson, was yesterday found guilty of recording fictitious trades in order to pretend to have made profits in Sydney between 2013 and 2014. He was fined.

Growth is strong, the banks have shed the worst of their. asset bubble and another bad-loan headache? As recently as May, Moody’s Investors Service warned of the risk that at least some of the new.

 · European banks ‘on course to shed $26bn in property loans’ 24 september 2012 banks across Europe remain on course to shed property lending arrangements worth around 20 billion ($26 billion) by the end of the year, new data has revealed.

while its 4.1bn internal bad bank consists mainly of sour ship loans, both of which DZ Bank is looking to shed. As interest in the shipping assets has been low, DZ may opt to wind down the portfolio.

 · Going After the Money: Fintech Firms vs. Traditional Banks. traditional banks? Can Fintech Loan Firms Continue to Grow at the Present Pace?. that are extending loans that could turn sour.

For some of the nation’s largest banks, already smarting from sour. reports shed some light on what shareholders can expect next year. In general, banks will likely see an increase in loans, leases.

Being a co-signer has risks. If the primary borrower does not pay, you may be on the hook for debt and your credit score could be negatively affected. You may have signed on for a child’s student loans to help them through college or helped your brother get a new car or credit card. After. Continue reading 4 Ways to Get Out of a Loan if You Are a Cosigner

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The price that NordLB can attract for the combined 6.5 billion euros in sour ship loans will determine the amount of capital it needs and the size of the stake in the bank a new investor will get.