Bank of America settles two crisis-era lawsuits

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It comes after the breakdown of talks aimed at reaching a negotiated settlement with the US Department of Justice and seeks unspecified civil penalties from the bank and the two men. to file this.

You can settle with Bank of America, or a debt collector for them too. I do not see many settlements around the 25 percent range, but your situation, and this particular account, may be one that can be targeted that low with a realistic expectation of success.

(Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co is facing litigation over previously disclosed sales problems related to its auto lending and mortgage businesses, the bank disclosed in a regulatory filing on Friday. The.

Civil rights groups are coming together to bring a lawsuit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management for alleged fair housing violations. The National Fair Housing Alliance, a group.

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Bank of America Corp. has settled a pair of financial crisis-era lawsuits filed by Deutsche Bank AG and BNP Paribas SA over who should be responsible for losses tied to the multibillion-dollar.

Bank of America has reached a settlement in a lawsuit over extended overdraft fees, agreeing to pay consumers $66.6 million. Citing a court filing, CNBC reported news that the settlement, which.

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DC settles lawsuit against Bank of America over fraud. The city sued charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America in 2008, arguing that the bank’s lax oversight allowed harriette Walters to deposit $34 million worth of fraudulent tax refund checks.An assistant branch manager pleaded guilty to his role in the scheme.

For additional information on the Settlement, please select from the documents listed below. Notice of Appeal to the 9th Circuit.pdf (DE #136) Notice of Appeal to the 9th Circuit as to 133 Order on Motion for Attorney Fees

In the U.S. Justice Department’s largest civil settlement ever with a single entity, Bank of America (BoA) agreed on August 21 to pay $16.65 billion to put to rest allegations by federal and.

Bank of America Corp. has settled a pair of financial crisis-era lawsuits filed by Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas over who should be responsible for losses tied to the multibillion-dollar fraud at.